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Dig (Chloe), from Dog Tales
Jenni Brandon

soprano, piano


sound Listen to the movement (the flute/clarinet/piano voicing from Dog Tales)

Performed by Mary Elizabeth Southworth, soprano; Danielle Hundley, flute; Marianne Breneman, clarinet; Philip Amalong, piano.

$3.50 for 2 copies of the song

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“Dig (Chloe)” comes from the larger work Dog Tales and tells the amusing anecdote of one dog’s need to bury her owner’s items in the back yard while waiting for her to return.  Sung in the style of a “torch song,” this piece works well as a fun and light addition to any vocal recital.

Program Notes:

Dog Tales was commissioned by the Cincinnati new music ensemble Conundrum (Mary Elizabeth Southworth-soprano, Danielle Hundley-flute, Marianne Breneman-clarinet, Philip Amalong-piano) and was premiered by them in November 2009. They are all avid dog lovers and wanted a work that told the stories about their beloved pets.

In setting out to write this work, the members of Conundrum provided me with stories, pictures, and anecdotes about their four-legged friends. I then passed these wonderful collections onto my poet/writer friend Bobbi J. Nicotera who then created the amazing text for this work. What I think is remarkable about the text is it not only captures these dogs in prose, but also speaks of a more universal theme of relationships and our interaction with the world around us, both with our pets and other people. Often sweet and funny, these touching pieces are a testament to the love for man’s best friend and how these relationships positively affect us each day.
- Jenni Brandon


Dig Dig Dig Dig
You may not understand my reasons.
But I know why.
Dig Dig Dig Dig
It’s because I miss you when you’re gone.
And so I need a reminder.
Dig Dig Dig.
This looks like the perfect place.
A space for me
Dig Dig Dig
To keep mementos of you.
Dig Dig
I’ll keep them safe while you’re at work.
Dig Dig
And I’ll wait for your return.
- Bobbi J. Nicotera

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