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Martha Hill Duncan

voice, piano


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(performed by Marion Newman, mezzo; Kathryn Tremills, piano)

$3.50 for 2 copies of the song

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Wind, cloud, and star: Lovely and far, Make it less lonely.
         Marjorie Pickthall (1833-1922)

This poignant little gem has a nice range, beautiful poetry and just enough surprises. With well placed sustained notes and delicately intertwined piano and vocal lines, it is sure to showcase and inspire sensitive and expressive singing. 

"Quiet" was the first song composed by Martha Hill Duncan for her daughter Claire and was the original inspiration for the entire Singing in the Northland collection.


Come not the earliest petal here, but only
Wind, cloud, and star,
Lovely and far,
Make it less lonely.

Few are the feet that seek her here, but sleeping
Thoughts sweet as flowers
Linger for hours,
Things winged, yet weeping.

Here in the immortal empire of the grasses,
Time, like one wrong
Note in a song,
With their bloom, passes.

- Marjorie Pickthall

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