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Where Leaps the Ste. Marie
Martha Hill Duncan

voice, piano


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(performed by Marion Newman, mezzo; Kathryn Tremills, piano)

$3.50 for 2 copies of the song

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What dream you in the nighttime––when you whisper to the moon?
            E. Pauline Johnson (1862-1913)

This elegant portrayal of the Ste. Marie River has a modern sensibility that singers will find very effective and accessible for a variety of performance occasions. More advanced breath control is needed in the piu mosso section, but the exhilaration in the rise and fall of the river’s rapids, imitated in the sweep of the voice and piano lines, make the efforts more than worthwhile.


What dream you in the night-time
spacerWhen you whisper to the moon?
What say you in the morning?
spacerWhat do you sing at noon?
When I hear your voice uplifting,
Like a breeze through branches sifting,
And your ripples softly drifting
spacerTo the August airs a-tune.

Lend me your happy laughter,
spacerSte. Marie, as you leap;
Your peace that follows after
spacerWhere through the isles you creep.
Give to me your splendid dashing,
Give your sparkles and your splashing,
Your uphurling waves down crashing,
spacerThen, your aftermath of sleep.

- E. Pauline Johnson (1862-1913)

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