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Timothy C. Takach

a cappella SSAA

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Program/Peformance notes:
This piece is a love song, with a soaring melody that passes from voice to voice throughout the ensemble. Takach has set this text with lush harmonies and he expresses the strength of feeling that is evident throughout the poem. This piece, with it's mostly homophonic texture and simple rhythms, is a great match for a good children's choir or a high school women's choir.

Sing a song to make cool my love
Because my heart hurts for you
Sing me to sleep with a serenade
And in dreams our love shall be.

Sing a song to awaken my hope
Because with aching sorrow comes
Sing me song inspiring
Alone, I’ll hope for better days.

Sing a song to give me strength
Because I’m weak with desperate hopes
Sing me away from sadness deep
And burdenless, I’ll stand again.

Sing a song to make cool my love
unless of course you love me too
Then I’ll not need your serenade
For life would be a dream awake.

Erin Bishop

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