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Queen of the Range
Timothy C. Takach

SA, piano


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This fun song is a perfect compliment to the cowboy songs of the American West. With meter changes that follow text stress and key changes that are introduced and supported by the piano, this piece will improve the ear and rhythm of young singers while allowing them a chance to have fun with a unique character in this genre of song - a strong-willed cowgirl!


There she goes a-lopin’, stranger,
Khaki-gowned, with flyin’ hair,
Talk about your classy ridin’,—
Well, you’re gettin’ it right there.

Jest a kid, but lemme tell you
When she warms a saddle seat
On that outlaw bronc a-straddle
She’s the one that can’t be beat!

Every buckaroo that sees her
Tearin’ cross the range astride
Has some mighty jealous feelin’s
Wishin’ he knowed how to ride.

Proud o’ her? Say, lemme tell you,
She’s the queen of all the range;
Got a grip upon our heart-strings
Mighty strong, but that ain’t strange;

‘Cause she loves the lowin’ cattle,
And she loves the hills and open air,
Dusty trails on blossomed canons
God has strung around out here.

You kin bet I know that ridin’,—
Now she’s toppin’ yonder swell.
Thar she is; that’s her a-smilin’
At the bars of the corral.

- Anonymous


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