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Purchasing music from Graphite Publishing will yield one pdf document. We keep our cost per score down by letting our customers conveniently print or copy their own scores.

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Graphite Publishing has unique and specific goals when it comes to the music we publish. Sometimes excellent, academic music is too lofty and out of reach to the average listener. At the same time, much of the termed "accessible" music is panned by academics and critics as being too accessible - to the point where excellence in the art of composing is sacrificed. Graphite brings those two extremes together and publishes music that is excellent, innovating and new, while at the same time is also accessible, likable and grasped by the average audience member. This is not to say that the entirety of a piece must be understood at a first listen. It simply means that a listener enjoys the music, understands the main idea and is willing to come back for more.

The music published by Graphite includes quality compositions where excellence and accessibility meet. It is unique yet emotional, it challenges the listener, and is enjoyable to experience.

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